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Our equipment

The Medical Imaging Centre facilities are located in a modern, purpose-built facility at St Luke's Campus, Exeter, which underwent a £10.5 million redevelopment to create state-of-the-art teaching and research spaces. We have a purpose-built X-ray room, laboratory spaces and demonstration rooms which will enable research and practical activities to take place and have a track record of collaborating with research and industrial partners for facilitating research. Below you will see a list of available equipment in the Medical Imaging Centre.


Siemens Multix Fusion Digital Radiography

Our digital radiography Siemens Multix Fusion x-ray suite has all the requirements of a clinical x-ray room, making it ideal for research and educational activities. The system integrates with an internal Insignia PACS network and educational podium and smart board within the room. Additional dosimetry and simulation equipment are also available on request

Canon and Siemens Ultrasound Scanners

Bone health diagnostics are a priority area for the Medical Imaging centre with a GE iDXA scanner onsite. We also have a Stratec peripheral quantitative computed tomograph (pQCT) scanner for the measurement at femur, radius or tibia, including evaluation of volumetric bone density, bone geometry and muscle parameter at the forearm, upper or lower leg.” Alternative osteoporosis screening tools such as QUS, Echolight and Bindex systems are also onsite.

GE iDXA Scanner

Stratec pQCT 300o




The Medical Imaging Centre has a range of educational and research based lab equipment for radiographic studies. Examples include dosimetry equipment such as the Harshaw TLD reader, RTI Piranha dosimeter, and an adult CIRS dosimetry phantom. Other systems include an Artinis continuous wave NIRS system and PHYWE table top x-ray units. We have access to virtual radiography simulation software (both 2D and VR) and anthropomorphic phantoms to aid our students’ education.