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Meet the team

Our staff

Our staff


Dr Robert Meertens

Director of the Medical Imaging Centre

Rob is the Director for the Centre and Senior Lecturer in Medical Imaging. He is a diagnostic radiographer by background and has been in an academic post at the University of Exeter since 2013 with his research interestes sitting predominately around bone health diagnostics. Through Rob's role as Director of Business Engagement he has seen the wide-ranging industrial interest in artificial intelligence applications applied to both bone health and radiology more generally.


Phone: +44 (0)1392 722511

Core members

Rich Cassidy

External Business Engagement Lead

I am the Impact and Partnership Development Manager for Health and Care Services and the External Business Engagement Lead for the Medical Imaging Centre. As part of this role I suppor the Director and the wider team below. I am responsible for creating opportunities to generate value, impact and mutually beneficial outcomes for all partners of the Medical Imaging Centre.
As an experienced commercial professional, with a career encompassing the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Pharmacy and MedTech industries, I joined the University of Exeter in early 2023, bringing with me extensive experience of partnership development between academia, private and public healthcare providers to the team.



Professor Karen Knapp

Musculoskeletal Lead and Associate Professor in Musculoskeletal Imaging

I am Head of Department for Health and Care Professions and Lead for MSK in the Medical Imaging Centre. I developed an interest in osteoporosis during my first job as a Nuclear Medicine Radiographer and then went on to undertake a PhD in this area at King’s College London. My primary research interest continues to be bone health and osteoporosis, more recently developing expertise in other pathologies such as diabetes and particularly how these relate to bone health and fracture risk. I am committed to research-led teaching and using my experience and expertise to inspire the next generation of radiographers.

Phone: +44 1392 724133

Dr Abas Obotiba

Ultrasound Lead and Lecturer in Medical Imaging

Abas is a Diagnostic Radiographer with a strong interest in musuloskeletal imaging. He developed a research interest in imaging (untrasonography and MRI) markers of symptoms of osteoarthritis and was awarded a Vice Chancellor's Scholarship for Research Excellence to undertake a PhD in Academic Rheumatology. 


Dr Mike Gundry

Radiography Lead and Lecturer in Medical Imaging

I graduated in 2014 with a degree in Medical Imaging (Diagnostic Radiography) and developed an interest in research from there. I soon undertook a Masters by Research in Medical Imaging investigating Computer Assisted Diagnosis (CAD) in cervical spine imaging, working alongside the software team at City University and testing the software on doctors and radiographers at the Royal Devon and Exeter hospital. I then completed my PhD in Medical Studies, investigating a new type of Stryker tibial cone implant and its impact on bone mineral density in total knee revision patients, completing it in 2021.
I have been involved in research determining bone mineral density via x-ray forearm imaging as part of an IBEX (OFFER1), helped investigate the feasibility and accuracy of using citizens to segment anatomy from medical images, and investigated different alignment techniques in total knee replacements in CT and long leg x-ray imaging.


Michael Worth

Technical Services Lead